No one is thinking about anything other than turkey dressing, & Santa Claus, right? Actually, that’s not exactly true in the real estate world. During this time of the year, many home sellers will decide to wait until the Spring to put their home on the market. I want to give you a few things to think about that may change your mind if you’re thinking the same thing.

1.      LESS COMPETITION – Most sellers will wait until Spring to put their home on the market. Studies have shown that homes listed around the holidays can sometimes not only sell for more money, but may also sell faster. Since you will be one of the few that brave the holiday market, your home will be more likely to be viewed and not lost in the list of all the new homes that hit the market in the Spring.

2.      MORE SERIOUS BUYERS – You are less likely to get “looky-loos” because let’s face it, who has time to just “look around” with all that goes on during the holidays. Typically, buyers that are looking during the holidays are ready, willing, and able to purchase.

3.      WARM & COZY – Don’t you just love your home when it’s all decorated for the holidays? Buyers will too. You have a unique opportunity to show off the “homey vibe” of your home and that can be very appealing to buyers. This is your opportunity to really stage your home and give it that comfy feel you already know it has. Bake a pie or some cookies before showings to give it a welcoming touch.

THE TAKEAWAY: Just because it’s not the “Spring Selling Season” doesn’t mean that you can’t have a successful sale. Timing is everything and if you need to sell your home, don’t count out the ability to sell during the holidays.